American Airlines ® Incentive TrAAvel Program
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Where can American Airlines Incentive TrAAvel® certificates be used?
American Airlines Incentive Flight Certificates are valid on American Airlines®, American Eagle® and
AmericanConnection® flights. Flight Certificates are valid within the specific geographic scope of travel purchased.
2. Are there restricted travel dates?
Flight Certificates have restrictive dates in specific markets.
3. How long are Flight Certificates valid?
Flight Certificates are valid one year from the date of issue printed on the face of the award.
4. What other kinds of restrictions are associated with American Airlines Incentive Flight Certificates?
Flight Certificates cannot be used for business or group travel, nor bartered or resold. Flight
Certificates require advanced booking, inventory availability and a minimum stay requirement.
5. How long does it take to receive American Airlines Flight Certificates?
Once payment is received distribution is within 5 business days of receipt via FedEx.
6. What forms of payment does American Airlines accept for Flight Certificates?
Wire transfers, checks and all major credit cards.
7. Are flight certificates replaced if misplaced or lost?
We can blacklist and replace lost or misplaced certificates for a $100 fee. Certificate will be reissued to the
original expiration date.
8. How do recipients use their Flight Certificate?
Reservations and ticketing can be handled by calling American Airlines' special service desk at 1-800-433-1790,
6:00 a.m. - Midnight CST. This is printed on all certificates for the recipients' convenience. Flight Certificates
may be booked by a travel agency however; American Airlines must facilitate the ticketing transaction.
The travel agent will follow ticketing instructions that appear on the Flight Certificate.

American Airlines, American Eagle, AmericanConnection, AAdvantage, and American Airlines Incentive TrAAvel are marks
of American Airlines, Inc. American Eagle is American's regional airline associate. American reserves the right to cancel or alter any
part of the American Airlines Incentive TrAAvel Program, the AAdvantage program or any AAdvantage award at any time.
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